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These usually stand alone and don't need to be read in a particular order, and the scope of the stories tends to be personal rather than cosmic. He loosely modeled the political and economic aspects of the world on the Roman Empire of about the 2nd century AD. The former Ethshar, which became embroiled in a generations-long war with the Northern Empire, broke up into more than two hundred statelets collectively called the Small Kingdoms before the end of the "Great War". The inhabitants do not have a special name for their world, simply calling it "the World" - and this world does not seem to be on a planet, but is rather the end-cap of a cylinder surrounded by what seems to be a noxious yellow gas.

A notable feature of Ethshar - in contrast to some other fantasy worlds - is that there are many distinct different varieties of magic, each with its own laws. Some, like the telekinesis exhibited by Ethshar's warlocks, seem to owe more influence to science fiction than fantasy. Some forms of magic, in particular wizardry, are powerful enough to create other universes. The first six Ethshar novels were published by Ballantine 's Del Rey imprint, all of them being accepted and nominally edited by Lester Del Rey. The 7th and 8th were published by Tor Books , but disappointing sales led Tor to ask Watt-Evans to concentrate on his non-Ethshar material, which generated much better sales.

After writing several non-Ethshar fantasy novels for Tor, Watt-Evans began experimentally serializing the 9th Ethshar novel, The Spriggan Mirror , on his website under a modified form of the Street Performer Protocol. That novel was published in trade paperback, along with the following novel, The Vondish Ambassador. In the Walasian Empire, sorcerers are the aristocracy. They are granted a lot of social power, prestige and wealth, and in return are expected to use their magical abilities for the common good.

The system had worked well enough for hundreds of years, and the people in general considered themselves better governed than neighbors with a more conventional aristocracy - but things are starting to change: the economy is in trouble, there is more and more discontent, in the cities people gather and listen to speeches, some of which might be seditious This is the world into which the protagonist, a young man Anrel Murau, has grown up.

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His background is a bit unusual. In this society. While such ability is mostly hereditary, a child of commoners found to have a magical ability is taken into the aristocracy and might attain the highest positions, while a magically-deficient child of magical parents - which is unusual but does sometimes happen - is restricted to more humble positions.

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A teenage genius with a big imagination, Wally just moved to Savannah, GA from Maine with his mom, who adopted Wally when he was an infant. In this charming and sweet solo show, Wally investigates a hiccup in the spacetime fabric of his neighborhood which is causing a number of strange events and occurrences. In the ancient city of Lankhmar, two men forge a friendship in battle. The red-haired barbarian Fafhrd left the snowy reaches of Nehwon looking for a new life, while the Gray Mouser, apprentice magician, fled after finding his master dead.

These bawdy brothers-in-arms cement a friendship that leads them through the wilds of Nehwon facing thieves, wizards, princesses, and the depths of their desires and fears. Yet early betrayal and a close run in with a vampire almost ruin his attempt before he even begins. Stuck at the bottom of a dungeon with no gear, no allies and little hope, Damien must embrace the undiscovered Occultist class, master control of his new demon companions and take the contest by storm.

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Vowing revenge upon the murderers, she became one of the sword-sworn, the most elite of all warriors. She was Kethry. Born to a noble house, sold into a hateful "marriage", she fled life's harshness for the sanctuary of the White Winds, a powerful school of sorcery. United by sword-spell and the will of the goddess, Tarma and Kethry swore a blood oath to carry on their mutual fight against evil.

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The Misenchanted Sword

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All the things from myth, legend, and B-movies are out there, waiting in the shadows. Some of them are evil, and some are just hungry. Monster Hunter International is the premier eradication company in the business. And now Owen is their newest recruit. Ethshar and the Northern Empire have been at war for hundreds of years. Hardly anyone alive remembers why, or over what. The tempest, turmoil, and war are endless, and the killing more endless still. The war has become not just a way of life, but an institution; no one dares to dream that it could end. Not even Valder of Kardoret, Ethsharitic Scout, trapped behind enemy lines.

But now everything has changed: at a moment of great need, a hermit wizard crafted Valder a magic sword called Wirikidor - a blade at once cursed and enchanted, a misenchanted blade that makes him unbeatable. As this was my first "big" novel I ever read, this book holds a very special place in my heart as does the author. I have read this book about 5 times over the years. I still love it and recommend it or any other by Watt-Evans. Loved every minute of it. Welcome to Ethshar, one of the most detailed, original, and amazing lands you will ever see. This is a world in which the setting plays as much a role as the characters.

This is a brilliant series that LWE has slowly woven into a tapestry of tales over the years, and this is the first one, the introduction. The story centers on Valder, an army scout on the run from deadly northern forces. He stumbles upon an old wizard and convinces him to power up his standard issue sword so that he stood a chance to survive, the good news is he gets his magic sword.

With A Single Spell

The bad news is the sword is cursed and will eventually kill him. The sword also made him immortal, so he'll only die if he's killed, but he continues to age. He's really paying for his request. The story isn't what you expect. Yes, there is some awesome sword fighting, and Val goes through a series of jobs and identities.

What is really good is the journey through life that Valder goes through, he is clever and lives by his wits more than his blade. And that is the special thing about Ethshar and LWE's writing. You never get what you expect, and the endings are often positive and upbeat. This is an incredibly fun book, and my son asked me about it just the other day I used to read to them when they were kids and the book still stuck with him. The narration isn't bad, and suits the story.

I wish that LWE released all of his Ethshar books on audible.

Pretty awful. He sounds like he does voice overs for overdramatic true crime shows on Investigation Discovery. Any additional comments? I first devoured the Ethshar novels back in High School, and have re-read them all multiple times in the decades since. Great escapism, with a consistent set of rules for the universe. I was thrilled to se this, the first I read now available on audiobook, and downloaded it immediately.

It was great to hear this old friend. Great as the story was, the narration is so poor it detracted from my enjoyment. Download a listen to a great story, and then do one even better and read it and its sequels. This was the first Ethshar book I ever read. I've read the others in the decades since, but this still holds a special place. I really appreciated the way the characters think through situations instead of just acting rashly. Similarly, Watt-Evans really thought through the way the various systems of magic in Ethshar would work and stayed consistent throughout the series.

More than a decade ago, I contacted this author and asked him if there were any audio versions of his books. He said he'd never really thought about it. I was thrilled when his books started appearing at Audible. I sincerely hope they produce the rest of the series. Avoid this book. In the interest of transparency, I did not finish listening to it, and I almost certainly never will. It was one of my favorite books when I was about 16, and listening to it now, I have no idea why.