Quantum Mechanics - A Second Course in Quantum Theory

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Professor Susskind presents the quantum mechanics of multi-particle systems, and demonstrates that fermions and bosons are distinguished by the two possible solutions to the wave function equation when two particles are swapped. When two particles Professor Susskind introduces quantum field theory.


Excepting gravity, quantum field theory is our most complete description of the universe. Each quantum field corresponds to a specific particle type, and is represented by a state vector Professor Susskind continues with the presentation of quantum field theory. He reviews the derivation of the creation and annihilation operators, and then develops the formulas for the energy of a multi-particle system.

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Concepts such as negative feedback, dynamic range, signal to noise ratios, filtering and analog to digital conversion are explored. Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:.

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Quantum mechanics. Vol. 2: A second course in quantum theory - INSPIRE-HEP

Course content Approximation methods in quantum mechanics. Learning methods and activities Lectures and calculation exercises.

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