Tuning IBM System X Servers for Performance

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Major new features in AIX 6. AIX 7. Several new features, including better scalability, enhanced clustering and management capabilities were added.

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This enables multi-terabyte memory address range and page table access to support global petabyte shared memory space for AIX POWER7 clusters so that software developers can program a cluster as if it were a single system, without using message passing i. By default, AIX V7. Pinning kernel memory and the kernel stack for applications with real-time requirements can provide performance improvements by ensuring that the kernel memory and kernel stack for an application is not paged out.

The networking component, bos.

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Unlike AIX 7. The keyboard, mouse, display, disk drives and network were all controlled by a microkernel. One could "hotkey" from one operating system to the next using the Alt-Tab key combination. Each OS in turn would get possession of the keyboard, mouse and display. Compilers for Fortran and C were available. It was released in and announced to add support for non-IBM non-microchannel computers as well. The Apple Network Server ANS systems were PowerPC-based systems designed by Apple Computer to have numerous high-end features that standard Apple hardware did not have, including swappable hard drives, redundant power supplies, and external monitoring capability.

These systems were more or less based on the Power Macintosh hardware available at the time but were designed to use AIX versions 4.

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AIX v3 innovated in several ways on the software side. It was the first operating system to introduce the idea of a journaling file system , JFS , which allowed for fast boot times by avoiding the need to ensure the consistency of the file systems on disks see fsck on every reboot.

Another innovation was shared libraries which avoid the need for static linking from an application to the libraries it used. The resulting smaller binaries used less of the hardware RAM to run, and used less disk space to install. Besides improving performance, it was a boon to developers: executable binaries could be in the tens of kilobytes instead of a megabyte for an executable statically linked to the C library.

Active Memory Expansion is a virtual memory compression system which employs memory compression technology to transparently compress in-memory data, allowing more data to be placed into memory and thus expanding the memory capacity of POWER7 systems. This self-tuning feature results in optimized performance without administrative effort.

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It allows a user to navigate a menu hierarchy of commands, rather than using the command line. Invocation is typically achieved with the command smit. Experienced system administrators make use of the F6 function key which generates the command line that SMIT will invoke to complete it. SMIT also generates a log of commands that are performed in the smit. The smit.

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SMIT also creates the smit. Data managed in ODM is stored and maintained as objects with associated attributes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see AIX disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Simply AIX 4. Prentice Hall PTR. January 29, The Open Group.

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May 29, Retrieved May 29, IBM Corporation. February 9, Retrieved February 9, Bell System Technical Journal.

Tuning IBM System X Servers for Performance

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